This guide is geared towards web developers using wamp. As you know, wamp keeps your filesystem tidy by installing apache, mysql, and php all inside c:\wamp. My setup is a Windows 7 64bit machine running wamp 32bit (Why run wamp 32bit on Windows 7 64bit?). Although untested on each, this guide should also work for Windows XP, Vista, and Windows Server variants.

MongoDB is a open source, high performance,NOSQL database server(mongod.exe) and shell(mongo.exe) developed by 10gen. MongoDB win32 binaries are available in both 64bit and 32bit flavors. The win32 binaries are packaged as a very simple zip file containing only the binary executables, no installer, and no example config files.

Lets get started! We will install mongodb into the c:\wamp directory, create conf,data,log directories, and configure mongod to run as a windows service. (continue reading…)


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