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Version: 2.2.1



mwcsvimport is a web-based tool to import CSV data into any Mediawiki powered website.

New Version 2.2.1 Release Nov 4th 2011!

The software can be used to prepopulate a wiki with thousands of pages based on data contained in spreadsheet style documents.   mwcsvimport transforms imported data into wiki markup using a template.  The syntax for templates is similar to Smarty syntax and allows access to each column of data by variable name surround by your page’s wiki markup.

mwcsvimport creates Mediawiki compatible XML Import files that can be easily imported from the Special Pages section of your wiki.


  • Web-Based Application, nothing to install or update
  • Simple straight forward interface with CSV upload support
  • Use Wiki markup and Smarty like variables in page templates
  • Save import jobs, and rerun them as you tweak your page template
  • Ability to update multiple CSV files and templates
  • Developed using the CakePHP Framework
  • Import from Excel, Google Docs, Address book or any other application that supports CSV exports
  • A growing collect of ready to use datasets in the Dataset Library
  • Dataset Sharing, Rating, and Commenting


A modern web browser.



Compatible Applications

Data from the following applications can be imported into Mediawiki using the mwcsvimport tool.

Microsoft Office Excel, Mac iWork Numbers, Google Docs Spreadsheets, Openoffice Calc, Mariner Calc, and many more

Help Wanted

We are looking for help with language translation read more here Contact us

I would also like to extend an invitation to bloggers and software reviewers who are interested in writing a review, or creating a tutorial or screencast using the tool. Contact us for more details.


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