cakeinit is a command line tool to generate new cakephp projects fast, cakeinit bundles CakePHP with various plugins to create bundles, it’s a fast way to get Cake and your favorite plugins all in one command.

Do you find yourself spending a lot of time starting new CakePHP projects? Downloading CakePHP, extract it, downloadings the plugins, components, helpers you use in every project. Well, cakeinit will save you some time.

It’s super easy!

# download it
curl -o cakeinit.php 
# run it
php ./cakeinit.php essentials mycakeapp

You can see a list of bundles by typing…

php ./cakeinit.php list-bundles

cakeinit is designed to create your project as a directory wherever cakeinit.php is located. So, if you executed the commands above in /home/foouser/projects/ your new app would be located in /home/foouser/projects/mycakeapp. Once ran, cakeinit will give you some next steps for your project.

Visit the Cakeinit Project Page