cakecore is a command line tool and convention for installing/updating the CakePHP core libraries in /usr/lib/cakephp. Using cakecore provides a foundation for maintaining one core, for many apps. The advantages are…

  • One copy of each major version of the CakePHP core libraries.
  • Easy upgrade when new CakePHP version are released.
  • Switch to newer version of CakePHP on a per project basis.
  • Reduce disk space required for each project.
  • Decoupling the core libraries means less to commit and maintain in code repositories.

Installing CakeCore

# clone cakecore from github
sudo git clone /usr/lib/cakephp

# add cakecore to your path
sudo ln -s /usr/lib/cakephp/cakecore /usr/bin/cakecore

Checkout and install CakePHP

sudo cakecore install-all
# Installs a copy of each major version of CakePHP in...
# /usr/lib/cakephp/1.2/
# /usr/lib/cakephp/1.3/
# /usr/lib/cakephp/2.0/
# /usr/lib/cakephp/2.1/

Updating CakePHP

sudo cakecore update-all

Check current CakePHP versions

sudo cakecore status

Show instructions for linking to the core libraries from your app/project

cakecore paths

CakeCore is open source software released under the MIT License. CakeCore is developed and maintained by PRONIQUE Software, a PHP Software Development Company.

Visit the CakeCore Project on github