1.) Create a FREE account for the Mediawiki CSV Import tool.

2.) Upload your CSV file, making sure you have column names in the first row, ie.

State, Abbreviation, Population
Texas, TX, 24782302
California, CA, 36961664
Florida, FL, 18801310

3.) Define a Page Template by clicking on Add Template. The template can contain mediawiki mark and variable from your csv data file. The template you are defining represents one row of data per page.

Variables for the CSV example above would be {$State}, {$Abbreviation}, and {$Population}.

4.) Click Generate Merge File to build a Mediawiki XML Import file

5.) Download this xml file to your computer.

6.) Login to your Mediawiki site and goto Special Pages.

7.) Click on the Import Pages link and upload the XML file.

8.) That’s it, Mediawiki will show you a summary of imported pages that you can click and view.

Check out the Mediawiki CSV Import tool from PRONIQUE Software